Newest Clothes ♥Edit

NEW: Stylish Suspenders (Jazzberry Red + Maglonia White)  PRICE: 69 Pixie Diamonds

NEW: Zippy Collection (Grape Purple + Cerulean Blue) PRICE: 72 Pixie Diamonds

Newest Queen's Boutique Edit

Currently, there is no new Queen Boutique dresses. :(

Newest Furniture Edit

Hurry! Winter Garden and Winter Present furniture are going out in 10 days starting on 1/26/13!

Pixie Central News Edit


The results of last week’s Pixie Style Poll are in – drum roll please! The winner is… the Frog Knit Hat! The cozy hat will arrive at the Pixie Post Office today along with two new Gift Sets. Thanks for making your voices heard! And, because our first Pixie Style Poll was such a success, we want to give you the chance to vote again:


Marina has the Hand Fan and Tabby has the bracelet ♥

Do you want the Hand Fan (that I'm holding) or Talent Charm Bracelet (as seen on Tabby)?Edit

Just like this week, the winning accessory will be put in the Pixie Post Office next Thursday. Be sure to cast your vote by Monday at midnight!

See ya ‘round the waterfall, Marina

Newest Fairies Edit

Welcome, Kyra Twinklebell! Have a good time in the Hollow (:

Welcome, Melody Starpuff! Have a good time in the Hollow (:

Fan Art ♥Edit


Crystal Spiderwillow's Art ♥

Art 1: Crystal Spiderwillow 

Art 2: Autumn Eveningsparkle

Art 3: Savannah Raindrop

Art 4: Charlotte

Art 5: Olivia

Art 6: Grace

Art 7: Mistydance

Art 8: Jessamine Cottonpuff

Art 9: Kiki

Art 10: Kate Roseblossom

Link to the Fairy Art Gallery:

Featured Channels/Fairies Edit

Congrats, Sarah Stardust! Your channel is on our wikia for 2 weeks (: LINK:

Our Staff Edit

Sophie Mistyfeather is the Founder ♥

Melody Starpuff is the Editor In Chief ♥

Jamie Frostybell is the Revisor In Chief ♥

Sahara is the Editor ♥


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